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Who is the Network of the Fortified Towns of the Greater Region ?

The Network of the Fortified Towns of the Greater Region, a cross-border Heritage Association (Germany, France and Luxembourg) preserves and develops the natural, architectural and historical cross-border heritage while exploring a common past. Go and discover its various missions in terms of activities around the areas of heritage, culture and tourism.


Discover the new film of the fortified tows of the Greater Region !


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rallye discover luxembourg lcto

Participate to this urban fun walk on the 5th September thanks to a series of clues for everybody. Discover the most beautiful districts of Luxembourg City. All information on the  En savoir plus

flyer français marché aux vins 2015

The « Citadel of Rodemack » (Moselle) will host its « 18th Wine Fair of the Most Beautiful French Villages organized by the Communauté de Communes de Cattenom et Environs in partnership with... En savoir plus

New film of the fortified towns of the greater region

Discover the new film of the fortified tows of the Greater Region ! Visit these their website on www.eng.villesfortifiees.eu and Facebook page for... En savoir plus


Let's participate to the urban fun walk which is organized by G-Media, publisher of www.chronicle.lu, for the seventh year in succession and is supported by the City of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg... En savoir plus

On 2nd and 23rd of May, 6th and 27th of June of the year 2014, Sir Frederick of Bitche invites you to his third Feasts. In the twilight of day, you will hear the evening bell ringing at the Citadel.... En savoir plus

the epic of the female knight

"The Epic of a female knight " is a romantic inspirited show. Its stages an extraordinary equestrian tournament, which plays Alix, an outstanding female knight, challenges with grace and courage her... En savoir plus

Bock Kasematten Luxemburg

Registered on the list of Unesco World Heritage since 1994, visit these unique underground galleries that  have transformed the city  into one of the highest places in the world. These Bock and... En savoir plus

castle of the dukes of Lorraine

The favourite residence of the Dukes of Lorraine from the 11th to the 17th century, admire this imposing  castle of the Dukes of Lorraine overlooking the river Moselle from a promontory  located in... En savoir plus

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