About us

About us

In 2007, led by the city of “Luxembourg, Grande Région, European Capital of Culture 2007”, , and on the tercentenary of the death of Vauban, the Moselle Performing Arts  association organized an event with the Carabosse Company, in partnership with the towns comprising the Network of Fortified Towns of the Grande Région, Lorraine Region and the European Union. The fire and music events have highlighted the unique fortified architectural heritage of these towns that is particularly well integrated into the landscape.

The Network of Fortified Towns of the Grande Région is a French non-profit association governed under Law 1908 (Alsace – Moselle local law), which currently includes communities and federations of municipalities in France (Lorraine), Germany (Saarland) and Luxembourg.

This cross-border Heritage Association has the following points in common:

  • a culture of remarkable fortified heritage
  • membership of this European cross-border region, the Grande Région, located at the crossroads of four countries: Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and France.
  • a common past linked to the history and conflicts between populations

Our missions

This cross-border Heritage Association has the following missions:

  • to preserve the natural, architectural and historical cross-border heritage while exploring a common past
  • to cooperate by pooling the expertise of the member towns and federation of municipalities of the Network of Fortified Towns of the Grande Région.
  • to coordinate the activities of those towns carried out around the areas of heritage, culture and tourism across the Grande Région.
  •  to carry out an exchange of cross-border skills in interpretation, heritage conservation, spatial planning and promotion strategies.
  • to develop knowledge through scientific activities at seminars and workshops on the territory of the Grande Région

Map of the Grande Région 

The Grande Région is a cross-border area that unites Wallonia, the French and German-speaking Communities of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Lorraine, Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate.

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