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Thomas de Choisy2

Thomas de Choisy’s collloque
© City of Saarlouis

The Network of Fortified Towns of the Grande Région provides a forum for professionals working in the area of culture and heritage to meet and obtain information. A scientific working group was created to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences. Composed of historians and researchers, museum and heritage curators from different member cities belonging to the Network, the committee meets on a regular basis

Since its inception, it has organized several conferences and workshops. A major international conference on “Peace in the Pyrenees and its impact on Lorraine and Luxembourg” took place in Luxembourg in 2009, followed by a conference on “Thomas de Choisy, engineer and governor of fortifications under Louis XIV” in 2010 in Saarlouis. The papers presented at these meetings were later published in two books.

Colloque Thomas de Choisy

Thomas de Choisy’s colloque
© City of Saarlouis

In 2012, the City of Thionville hosted a workshop on “How can fortified heritage be used today?” and in 2013, the Museum of History of Luxembourg City and the Dräi Eechelen Museum present a day of disussion on “The fortress within the museum, the museum within the fortress” in collaboration with the Network. The Network hopes to improve our knowledge of the history of the fortifications of the Grande Région and to raise public awareness about the preservation of this historical heritage through these activities.

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