Cultural events in Bitche

Medieval Culture and Chivalry Display

Spectacle culture et chevalerie © Citadelle de Bitche

Medieval Culture and Chivalry Display
© Citadel of Bitche

Culture and Chivalry is an original concept of the medieval equestrian display. The Citadellede Bitche, built on eight centuries of history, forms the setting for this truly bold combination of chivalry and comedy. The scenario, while respecting the ancestral customs of the practice of chivalry, in fact plays the part of Beauty to the Beast, in a comical interpretation of situations. The intrigue lies in the fate of Bretzila, an intrepid princess who has come to complete her education at the court of the Duc de Lorraine. There follows a series of events, including an explanation of the coats of arms of Bitche, apprenticeship for combat, the mastery of equestrian games, gymnastics and plenty of other disciplines (presentations of arms, etc.). The whole show is sprinkled with word games, linguistic misunderstandings, humour and displays of equestrian prowess.

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The  Médiévales européennes

Médiévales Européennes &copy ; Citadelle de Bitche

Médiévales Européennes
© Citadel of Bitche

During the Médiévales européennes, known as the Estivales de Bitche, the whole town returns to its former glory for its fourth Médiévales européennes, which is a faithful recreation. Encampments from that era, minstrels, tumblers and other artisans compete to show off their talents to bring you the lively atmosphere of a festival from the Middle Ages.

On the programme:

- medieval tournaments, sound and light show “La Geste de Godefroy” on the evenings of 26  and 27 July

- Re-enactment of the dubbing of a knight.

-Medieval market

- medieval banquets

- evening shows

- Firework display on Sunday evening at the close of the Médiévales

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