Cultural events in Saarlouis

Cultural Picnic

Cultural Picnic© Town of Saarlouis

Cultural Picnic
© City of Saarlouis

In August, the City of Saarlouis invites you to a a cultural picnic with French flair in the Saarlouis Stadtgarten and in the historic fortifications. That simply means settling down with a blanket and a picnic basket and enjoying the day. A programme for the  whole family awaits guests.


Louis XIV and its court © The city of Saarlouis

Louis XIV and its court
© City of Saarlouis.

Each year, there is a special theme, usually with a French accent: concerts, dance and plays, theatre and magic, open-air art gallery and children’s programme – tasteful presentations which formed the setting for the picnic in the years 2009 to 2012. There are also some food stands, for those who arrive without their own picnic. In 2013, visitors can look forward to Breton music and dances on the Vauban Island.

Wall-Game – Contest between different parts of town

Wall partie © Mairie de Saarlouis

Wall party
© City of Saarlouis

In the Wall-Game, the eight districts of Saarlouis join in a kind of “games without frontiers” in a contest against each other in the fortifications. It’s all about fun, honour and community spirit. The basic idea is this: Games which relate to the identity of the city and in which citizens are actively engaged. The requirement is that each participant must have a particular link with the part of town for which he competes. To win the games takes creativity, imagination and skill. The event is taking place for the  fifth time in 2013.

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