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Cathédrale de Lumière

Close to the remote borders of history, architecture and art, this is a real emotional encounter with our heritage alive that the spectators are invited to at nightfall !

The Cathedral Saint Etienne, witness of the towns’ history and its’ culture, offers itself to the spectators through a succession of breathtaking scenes dedicated to, alternately, the construction of the building, the organ, Art Nouveau, the missing statuary, the stained-glass windows but as well the vineyards, the harbor….11 minutes for an event that the council wishes to be impressive, breathtaking and flamboyant !

Cathédrale de Lumière toul

Cathédrale de Lumière
© City of Toul

The public is invited to take place close to the summer garden specially created for this occasion at the foot of the Cathedral.

Flanked by its two tours, the cathedral reaches the breathtaking height of 65 meters. Impressive dimensions for this building that the public gets ready to see as it has never been seen before !

For this show, the company JSE works together with Paul Vivien, a young scenographer of 22 years old and native of Toul. The artist, who participated at the show “De Gaulle en Grand” in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises (2013), invites us into his modern and poetic world !

A new sound and light show on the façade of the Cathedral Saint-Etienne.

From the 1st weekend in July until the third weekend in September.

10.30 PM in July / 10  PM in August / 9.30 PM in September

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