How to get there ?

Situated in the heart of Europe, the Greater Region is a convenient stepping-off point to explore the fortified sites of cultural interest thanks to its numerous transport amenities.


In France, the TGV Est from Paris stops at the stations in Nancy (1½  hours), Metz (82 minutes), Thionville (1¾ hours), Luxembourg (2 hours 5 minutes), and Saarbrücken (1 hour 50 minutes).

The Lorraine TGV Station situated half way between Metz and Nancy enables travellers to go to Lille, London, Nantes and Bordeaux without going through Paris. It offers direct links to Roissy – Charles de Gaulle international airport (70 minutes).

The Deutsche Bahn ICE train serves the cities of Luxembourg, Saarbrücken and Forbach. The Saarland and the Rhineland-Palatinate enjoy regional services.


The Greater Region, located at the crossroads of Europe, serves Belgium, Luxembourg, the Saar, the Rhineland-Palatinate and Lorraine by major motorway networks.

In France, the A4 connects Paris to Frankfurt via Metz. The A31 (E25) connects Northern Europe to Spain and passes via the cities of Luxembourg, Thionville, Metz and Nancy.

Four motorways serve the international city of Luxembourg:

  • The A1 (E44) towards the city of Trier.
  • The A3 (E25) towards the city Dudelange and France (Thionville).
  • The A4 towards Esch-sur-Alzette Pétange, Belgium (Athus) and France (Longwy).
  • The A6 (E25/E411) towards Belgium (Arlon and Brussels).

Three motorways serve the towns of Homburg and Saarlouis in the Saar:

  • The A6 (E50) towards Homburg and Mannheim.
  • The A8 (E29) towards Zweibrücken and Homburg to the east and Saarlouis and Esch-sur-Alzette to the west.
  • The A620 (E29) towards Saarlouis to the west and Saarbrücken to the east.


Several airports serve the Greater Region: Luxembourg, Saarbrücken, Zweibrücken, Frankfurt Hahn in Germany, Charleroi in Belgium, the Metz-Nancy Lorraine regional airport located half way between those two cities.

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