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The Epic of the female knight in citadel of Bitche

“The Epic of a female knight ” is a romantic inspirited show. Its stages an extraordinary equestrian tournament, which plays Alix, an outstanding female knight, challenges with grace and courage her also fearless female rivals.

Dates and hours

From May 1st till August 31st, every week from Wednesday till Sunday

Spectacle from Wednesday till Friday at 2:30 PM

Spectacles on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM

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Citadel of Bitche opens its doors earlier

Citadel of Bitche opens its doors earlier

The tourist season should begin on Saturday, March 22nd. Considering the rather clement weather conditions of this beginning of February and in answer to a certain request of our visitors, it was decided that the citadel of Bitche would open exceptionally its doors all the weekends (on Saturday and Sunday) of February and of March from this Saturday, February 8th. More information and pricings on our web site.

In the weekdays (monday to friday) the visit of the Citadel of Bitche is possible, but only by reservation.

From March 22nd, the Citadel of Bitche will be opened every day as initially planned.

More information and reservations

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