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The Réseau des Villes Fortifiées, or Network of Fortified Towns, unites the communities situated in the Grande Région. Councillors from the member towns and communities of  communes are automatically members of the association.


5.707 InhabitantsArea : 4.100 ha – www.ville-bitche.fr 

In the heart of the regional natural park of the Northern Vosges, Bitche is characterized by its monumental citadel dating from the 18th century, its Garden for Peace and numerous other charms that gained its recognition as “Station Verte de Vacances” (Green Stop for Vacation) and ” Plus Beau Détour de France” (one of the “Most Beautiful Detours in France”).

Pays de bitche Com'ComCommunauté de communes Pays de Bitche

26.000 InhabitantsArea : 51.696 ha - www.cc-paysdebitche.fr 

Enriched by an imposing, natural and historical heritage, the federation of municipalities of Bitche in Eastern Moselle gathers 37 cities and villages. Its territory is part of the regional natural park of the Northern Vosges. The work of the Simserhof, one of the most impressive on the Maginot line, leads the visitor to discover an unexpected and hidden underground city. Its cross-border situation is a cultural asset.


46.000 InhabitantsArea : 8.264 ha - www.homburg.de 

Settled in the beautiful landscape of Saarpfalz and Bliesgau, Homburg, a former stronghold, is renowned for its exceptional sandstone caves, its Roman Museum, its brewery industry and its university.


14.706 InhabitantsArea : 534 ha - www.mairie-longwy.fr 

Located on the border with Belgium and Luxembourg, Longwy attracts for its prestigious fortifications built by Vauban, listed on the Unesco World Heritage. Also discover its remarkable museum of enamels, its international golf course, its stunning Art Deco district as well as the finest collection of flat irons in the world.


93.000 InhabitantsArea : 5.173 ha - www.vdl.lu

In an exceptional natural environment, Luxembourg, European capital also known as “the Gilbratar of the North”, impresses with its imposing fortifications that visitors can discover through the amazing Vauban and Wenzel guided walks.


300 InhabitantsArea : 1.111 ha - www.marsal.fr

Ancient military place erected by Vauban, Marsal was famous for its important production of salt. Discover the path of the salt pond, the Collegiate Church of St-Léger, the regional salt museum.


2.260 InhabitantsArea : 2.349 ha - www.montmedy.fr

Erected by Charles Quint on a promontary, the citadel of Montmedy offers an exceptional view on the surroundings of the area of “Lorraine gaumaise”. Go and discover the battlement circuit, the educational museum of the fortification and the Jules Bastien Lepage museum.


1.137 InhabitantsArea : 996 ha - www.marie-rodemack.fr

In the heart of the area of three borders, the impressive citadel of Rodemack reveals itself to the visitor. Walk the picturesque medieval streets of this village, part of “the most beautiful villages in France”.

CCCEnewlogoCommunauté de communes Cattenom et environs

23.472 Inhabitants - Area : 19.319 ha - www.cc-ce.fr

The federation of municipalities of Cattenom gathers 19 municipalities including the village of Rodemack. It develops Tourism and Culture both at the prestigious Rodemack citadel as well as in the national natural reserve of Hettange-Grande.


37.185 InhabitantsArea : 4.327 ha - www.saarlouis.de

According to plans by Vauban and Choisy, Saarlouis was built by Louis XIV as a fortress on the French border. It connects tradition and present through the harmonious symbiosis of historical buildings (fortification, blockhouse, barracks). The old town with its museums, cultural places, and street cafés invite the visitors to stroll in the surrounding green areas of river Saare’s dead channel as well as in the town’s park.


1.720 InhabitantsArea : 480 ha - www.siercklesbains.fr

A real door to France, at the crossroads of Germany and Luxembourg, Sierck les Bains attracts with the imposing castle the Dukes of Lorraine erected on a promontory on the river Moselle, and its medieval and renaissance streets.


42.200 InhabitantsArea : 4.986 ha - www.thionville.fr

A paramount stronghold up to the 20th century, fortified by the earls of Luxembourg, Charles Quint and Louis of Cormontaigne, Thionville displays the finest state of the art fortifications, from the Middle Ages on, in particular a particular sluice bridge, the Tour aux Puces museum and the amazing Guentrange Fort.


17.000 InhabitantsArea : 3.059 ha - www.toul.fr

Located in the heart of Toul vineyard hills, along the river Moselle and member of the 100 most beautiful Detours in France , Toul unveils itself through its remarkably  well preserved  Vauban and Séré-de-Rivières fortifications. Also discover the impressive St-Etienne’s cathedral and its cloister, the history and art museum settled in the former  Hotel Dieu.

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