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The following partners support the Réseau des Villes Fortifiées de la Grande Région in its various activities.

Logo Meurthe et MoselleMeurthe et moselle Tourisme

Adress : 14 rue Majorelle 54000 Nancy, France

Phone number : +33 (0)383.945.190 - www.tourisme-meurtheetmoselle.fr

Meurthe et Moselle Tourisme, touristic development agency, promotes the region of Meurthe et  Moselle and its heritage, among which the towns of Longwy and Toul, Vauban-erected strongholds. Meurthe et Moselle Tourisme informs the public of major events and applies the tourism policy of the General Council of Meurthe et Moselle.

logo-Meuse-EmotionsMeuse Tourisme

Adress : 33 rue des Grangettes 55000 Bar le Duc, France

Phone number  : +33 (0)329.457.840 - www.tourisme-meuse.com

Meuse Tourisme, Regional Tourism Committee of Meuse , applies the regional policy of the General Council of Meuse. Composed of 6 areas among which “Ciel de Meuse”, located  in the north, bordering on Belgium, the area of Meuse offers  recognized natural and architectural assets including the citadel of Montmedy.

moselle-tourisme-aMoselle Tourisme

Adress : 2-4 rue du Pont Moreau B.P. 80002 57003 Metz Cédex01, France

Phone number : +33 (0)387.375.780 - www.moselle-tourisme.com

Moselle Tourisme, development and tourism booking agency, implements the tourism policy of the General Council of Moselle. The agency offers labelled touristic products, follows actions through promotion and marketing while accompanying projects.  The towns of Bitche, Marsal, Rodemack, Sierck-les-Bains and Thionville are expecting you to make you discover their many architectural or natural assets.

Comité Régional du Tourisme de Lorraine

Adress :  Abbaye des Prémontrés – BP 97 F – 54704 Pont à Mousson Cédex, France

Phone number : +33 (0)383.800.180 - www.tourisme-lorraine.fr

The main mission of the Comité Régional du Tourisme en Lorraine(CRT)  is to promote the Lorraine Region while developing a marketing partnership strategy  with Lorraine touristic actors. The Network of the Fortified Towns of the Greater Region has signed an agreement with CRT and its partners to operate touristic information from SITLOR (Lorraine Touristic Information System) on its website.

Logo luxembourg city tourist officeLuxembourg City Tourist Office

Adress : B.P. 181 – L – 2011 Luxembourg / 30, place Guillaume II – L – 1648 Luxembourg

Phone number  : + 352 22 28 09 – www.lcto.lu

The Luxembourg City Tourist Office is the tourist office of the capital and acts as the official “Destination Management Organisation” of Luxembourg.  The main tourist information office is situated in the place Guillaume II,  and its task is to promote Luxembourg as a destination, to operate package tours, to run the network of 125 official guides, to manage the Luxembourg Convention Bureau and run the casemates of Bock and la Pétrusse, the capital’s leading tourist attraction. As an indispensable cultural organiser, it organises 500 concerts, festivals and events every year.

saarland_logoTourismus Zentrale Gmbh

Adress :  Franz-Josef-Röder-Str. 17  – D – 66119 Saarbrücken

Phone number : +49 (0) 681 927 20-0 - www.visitsaarland.co.uk

The marketing organization at Land Tourismus Zentrale Saarland (TZS) is the contact point for all matters relating to tourism and consultation and advice for political and community-related institutions and associations. At the same time, it serves as the interface for travel agencies and enhances the image of the Saarland in the brochures of tour organisers. The main aims in this are the promotion of tourism and tourist-related products and services for the Saarland. The towns of Saarlouis and Homburg form part of the network of fortified towns. They welcome visitors, with a wealth of historic buildings of very great interest.

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